How to accelerate your brand when the tide is turning

Our media habits have undergone drastic change in recent years, and our consumption of digital content has increased rapidly since March. We are now spending more time at home and more time online.

A digital presence is more important than ever before, and the digital habits that we acquire now will not disappear after the corona crisis. Research has shown that those who manage to be proactive and re-think their strategies during crises will gain a significant advantage both during and after the crises.

Efforts to maintain visibility and awareness is often reduced through though times, but rather than downsizing, maintaining or even increasing those efforts can be key to accelerate your brand when the tide is turning.

Increasing visibility and relevance can be achieved in countless ways, both on strategic and on a more operative level. This may be something as simple as ensuring that you appear high up in Google and other search engine results (SEO). Or it may be thinking more strategically and long-term about your employer brand and the way in which you communicate and present yourself as an employer.

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