Covid-19: Can your business attract and keep talent?

Unemployment is currently running at historically high levels – both in Norway and in many other countries. Norway has many knowledge enterprises, and they depend on available expertise and on attracting the best within their professional fields.

The war for talent is on-going, and those with the highest level of skills may come out of the crisis stronger. For many knowledge companies, winning the war for talent is now more important than ever.

During the Corona crisis many businesses have had to stop recruiting or have had to lay off staff – challenges that mean that some of the best people may be lost. When the current crisis is over, it will be particularly important to be seen as a secure and attractive employer.

This is something that businesses need to spend time on. They should not miss this important opportunity to look at the way in which they are perceived as employers and the kind of culture they want to represent so that they are able to position themselves and be seen as even more attractive when the crisis is over.

When employees think about changing jobs, it is often purpose, status and salary that are crucial factors. Of these, it is only the brand, i.e. purpose and image, on which businesses are able to differentiate themselves. Salary is not a differentiating factor – in the same way that price in the marketplace is not. It becomes essential to ensure that purpose underpins brand and differentiates the business in the marketplace in order to gain credibility.

Millennials, who make up almost half the workforce in Norway, have been accused of being particularly focused on purpose and vision, but it turns out that they still often put salary and job security first if they are forced to choose. Nevertheless, it is still the perception of a business that comes first. The brand must be seen as solid and trustworthy.

When did you last take the temperature of your employer brand and look at the way in which it is perceived? Contact us to find out more about the ways in which you can boost and consolidate your brand during and after the current crisis.

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