Automated ACF Tools by Rosti

When working with ACF, you usually have to write all the code manually although the code is often repeated. This is a time-consuming routine task which often entails slower workflows and processes. Rosti Melkumyan at Design Container has come up with a solution. A great deal of time can be saved by automating the process.

As an agency working on many web pages every month, we also need a tool that can be used for ACF. The choice was developing either a WP plugin or a browser extension. The advantage of a browser extension is that you do not have to download anything and that it is always available.

The tool that Rosti has developed is called ACF Tools.

ACF Tools is a browser extension for Advanced Custom Fields designed to speed up the development process. It lets you do small things such as checking the name of a field when editing a post or a page, quickly opening documentation for a field by just clicking the field type and copying an ACF field name by just clicking the field name.

Most importantly, ACF Tools is able to generate ACF field code based on field type, name, return type, placement and location – all with just one click. The generated field code conforms to WordPress PHP standards and features basic security by including escaping.

Users are also able to customise the output of the field code in the user settings. Here you can toggle the option of having if statements included in your PHP code, and change preferences for indentations.

We asked Rosti some questions:

Why open source?

Every developer is dependent on the open-source tools we use on a day-to-day basis. This means that it feels nice to be able to contribute to the open-source community and see that my code helps speed up workflows for other developers.

Why did you build this?

In my opinion, automation is key. I love getting better at what I do, but I also love getting faster. I am obsessed with writing scripts and other tools to shave off time when I am developing. This is also my first Chrome Extension, and it seemed like a fun project where I could improve my skills in unknown territory.

Want to use this tool for free? 

Check out the project on GitHub. Suggest new features, report issues or contribute by translating the extension into your language:

Chrome Web Store:

Mozilla add-on:

1600 users from Dubai to the United States now use our ACF Tools.

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