Why someone skips the branding and moves straight to action

Branding principles

Wouldn’t it feel great to just get everything done in a week? Launch a campaign, post the articles, send out the press release and publish the recruitment ad. And the following week your colleague in the other department does exactly the same. The results will be measurable quickly, and you can continue to publish content, ads and press releases within deadlines with no worries.

Even though we often look up to these persons or companies that seem to have complete control and a pace to envy, only some of these are actually good examples to follow. Why?

What often lies behind the rapid pace is an urgency initiated by top management or market pull. The ad-hoc tasks are not anchored in the brand guidelines, and consistency and have no strategic focus. The consequences could turn out to be disastrous.

There are numerous examples of companies who have launched so many different campaigns over the years that the consumer has difficulties understanding what their purpose actually is. On the other side, you have the Norwegian chocolate, Kvikk Lunch, which is the perfect snack for hiking trips and after a long day of skiing. Or Volvo, which is renowned for its dedication and focuses on safety. They have a clear message and stick to it.

So, what do you do? How to build your brand to both have a clear purpose and measurable ROI? The answer is not simple, but there are proven ways of getting results over time.

One solution is consistency. Over time. Long time. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure that all activities the company does externally, as well as internally, is anchored in the long term strategy and the wanted impression of the company.
  • All activities should also reflect the company´s values or personality, and follow the same brand guidelines. If it also supports the company´s vision, it is ideal.
  • Have a routine of quality checks before any corporate information is spread online. That could be a marketing or communication function or a task for the design- or communication agency.
  • Unless you get strong indications that your campaign or planned activity is a total disaster, stick with it and concentrate on the following campaign. Continue to build on what you have, and don’t let one campaign undermine the next one.

To get the audience to understand and acknowledge your brand there is no quick fix. Be patient. Tell the same story over time, use call to actions, and tell a consistent story and message over the years. It will eventually pay off.

Don’t misunderstand though. You can still be agile and rapid, move fast and enter new markets and segments. Just stick to your brand principles.

At Design Container we follow this mindset and several of our long-term customers can now see the results of a clear Brand Plan. Take a look at the cases for Embriq and Scatec. Two good examples of companies that rebranded and now are rewarded for their consistency.

If you like to know more about how we work closely with our clients and guide them to success through well-proven tools and methods, please get in touch.

Written by Patrick Berger, Client Manager
+47 975 43 395

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