Energi Norge

Norway aims to take on a leading global role as the first renewable and fully electrified society in the world! This is also the aim of Energi Norge. With a more distinctive and contemporary look, Energi Norge wishes to emphasise that the organisation represents a future-orientated and green industry that is close to customers.

Over the past year, Design Container has worked on a new brand platform for Energi Norge, a platform that represents the renewable energy industry in Norway. With a renewed vision and brand promise, new values and a clear direction in its communication, Energi Norway is well equipped for the future.

“We are interested in businesses being able to grow and develop in the coming years – for the benefit of society as a whole, the business community and the climate. This means that we have to become more visible,” says CEO of Energi Norge Knut Kroepelien.

Energi Norge
Brand platform that represents the renewable energy industry in Norway

Electrifying All of Norway

Energi Norge will simultaneously be launching the slogan: Electrifying All of Norway. “The slogan illustrates what the main business of our members is and that electrification is the most important climate initiative this decade,” explains Kroepelien.

Energi Norge is a national professional body and employer organisation that represents companies producing, transporting and supplying renewable energy in Norway. Energi Norge’s approximately 300 members represent almost all power production in Norway and supply approximately 90 percent of Norway’s power and grid customers every day.

The renewable energy industry

The renewable energy industry turns over about NOK 70-75 billion a year and employs more than 20,000 people on a full-time basis in Norway.

The new visual profile contributes to consolidating the position and visibility of Norway’s most important onshore industry.  The design is energetic, distinctive and bold and showcases the fact that Energi Norge is a future-orientated organisation preparing for the fundamental green change in society. The new identity has great potential for future development and provides an excellent framework for Energi Norge’s communication requirements. The logo has a knot in the middle which ends in a leaf. This illustrates that Energi Norge works with clean energy and that Energi Norge also acts as a hub for its members.

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