Ferd is a family-owned investment company owned by the fifth and sixth generations of the Andresen family. The company focuses on creating value beyond the financial. Ferd’s ambition is to create and develop companies, investment teams, organizations, and changes that lead to progress for both individuals and society as a whole.

Since 2012, we have worked strategically with the management team and the various business areas. In 2020 we launched Ferd’s new website with their value “We will create enduring value and leave clear footprints” as a fundament.

Website, Visual identity, Annual Report, Strategy, Digital Magazine

– Ferd’s website is an important part of our openness, which is a critical attitude to earn credibility, which is one of Ferd’s values. A completely updated and new digital website gives us the opportunity to share our stories and have a dialogue with even more people. The latter because we share the news from the web in several social media channels and because the website’s format makes it available to more people, regardless of which platform they use, says Ferd owner Johan H.  Andresen.

While working with the new website, it was important to meet all of their business areas’ needs to ensure that they were met both strategically and operationally.  In addition to a new website and updated identity, we launched a fully digital online magazine. The magazine, Ferdmagasinet, which has been an important communication channel for the group for almost 15 years were fully digitized from a physical format. Ferdmagasinet is now available for a broader target audience and plays a vital role in Ferd’s internal and external communication.

We’ve been working closely with Ferd since 2012, as we entered into the first agreement. We were commissioned to redesign the logo, design their new website, and produce their annual reports. Throughout the years we’ve been collaborating on several projects. The agreement was then renewed at the end of 2019 after an extensive agency round.

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