Kraftriket embraces the idea of local values and personal relationships. The power market is undergoing a period of rapid change with both new legislation and the roll-out of smart meters. For this reason, Ringeriks-Kraft Strøm and Valdres Energi have joined forces. We have framed shared core values, a vision and a positioning strategy and given the two new companies new names — as well as renamed the parent company which is now called Kraftriket.

Ringeriks-Kraft Strøm has become Ringeriks Strøm and Valdres Energi has become Valdres Strøm – and together they now from part of Kraftriket. Kraftriket is a national Norwegian supplier of power and power-related products and services while still focusing firmly on local communities.

The companies share a profile as well as a logo. In our work to design the profile, we focused on achieving a recognisable symbol that would be able to bring together several companies.

Our mission was to achieve an identity that supports Kraftriket’s need for a common design platform. The symbol depicts the permanent link between the home and the need for energy. Both elements are soft and fluid like water. The colours are inspired by nature and the typeface has been chosen for its organic look.

Strategy, identity and websolutions

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