Ocean Oasis

Ocean Oasis is a young Norwegian technology growth company that offers a clean alternative to current desalination solutions, making freshwater more available in coastal areas worldwide. In addition, the company addresses water scarcity globally, which is a growing challenge in large part of the world.

Desalination of seawater is an energy-intensive process, and in coastline areas where water scarcity coincides with a significant wave climate, desalination of seawater is an attractive application for the utilization of wave energy. Furthermore, their sustainable offshore desalination allows affordable and sustainable freshwater production to benefit people and industry in water-stressed areas. The robust and mobile floating desalination plant uses only wave power to run a desalination process offshore.

Our collaboration with Ocean Oasis is underlined by a strong business strategy and clear communication in their channels. Design Container works with several start-ups and helps them achieve their grants to highlight their technical and deep expertise within their business areas.

“We wanted a clear communication of our strategy as a part of our new design and web solutions, which they succeeded in delivering. As we have deep expertise, it’s essential that the messaging aligns with our new profile. We were looking for a partner that would understand both our business and also be able to help us with our long-term needs. We found this in Design Container. With their industry knowledge and understanding of start-ups, we together achieved the wanted results for the project”, says Kristine B. Fredriksen, CEO of Ocean Oasis.

Ocean Oasis
Positioning, design of web solutions, investor-related communication and strategy
Design Containers work with clear communication strategy, web solutions and visual profile for Ocean Oasis

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