Including me?

The Red Cross Norway’s project “Including me?” (“Inkludert meg?” – in Norwegian) is a set of learning materials where the goal is to prevent loneliness and to make it a less taboo subject among the youth in Norway.


Loneliness has for a long time been tied to shame and is a taboo subject for many to talk about. Especially among youth who have a sense of expectation that adolescence is the years when you are supposed to thrive in social settings, have a hectic social life, and gain å big friend group.

For many, this is not what happens. In a survey held by Red Cross Norway in 2021 (“Psykt ensom”), 3 in 4 Norwegian teens had at some point in life felt lonely, and a survey from 2022 (“Hver dag og hver natt virker som en evighet”) showed that 1 in 4 Norwegian teens are more lonely after the pandemic than before. 

Red Cross
Teaching aid about loneliness

In addition to focusing on inclusive language and manners, the teaching aid focuses on what young people themselves can do to be more included.  In contrast to many existing bullying/inclusion programs, which place a heavy responsibility on students to include others, ‘including me?’ focuses more on the person who feels lonely or left out. What can I do myself to be included more often? How can I manage to get out of the safe comfort zone and into the development zone, to make contact? This is in order to create a more lasting sense of belonging than what you would get when the responsibility is placed on ‘everyone else’.

The Red Cross hopes this will uncover, stop and relive loneliness and outsiderness among teens and young adults in Norway.

The teaching aid can be ordered from – free of charge.

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