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When the war rages

The Red Cross has a mandate to teach young people about the rules of war. Based on input from the Red Cross, we have developed a brand-new teaching aid using mixed media such as augmented reality and gamification combined with analog tools. This teaching aid can be used free of charge in schools and colleges across Norway from the autumn of 2020. 

Learning empathy

“When the War Rages” is an educational resource on human rights and international humanitarian law, which will be distributed free of charge to schools across Norway. In partnership with the Red Cross, we have developed and designed the teaching resources with the engaging use of various media such as augmented reality, online materials, board games, quizzes, and ethical dilemmas. Much of the material is based on war and conflict. There’s also a focus on the role of the media and the involvement of young people. You will find a total of 26 modules in 5 chapters:

  • Human dignity
  • Rules of war
  • The consequences of the war
  • The story of the war
  • Children. War. Me?
Red Cross
Educational game about human rights in war
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“These learning resources are based on the idea that people have intrinsic value and human worth. This is very topical at a time when racism is high on the agenda,” Linn-Cecilie Linnemann, CEO in Design Container says.

The aim is to make the learning resources current and attractive to students and their active online lives.

We have worked with augmented reality (AR) which provides an interactive experience of real-life environments in which objects – which exist in the real world – are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information.


How are you going to liberate the city without breaking the rules of war? What weapon do you want to use – so you avoid harming civilians?

Attack! is a board-like teaching aid from the Red Cross that is included in the chapter “Rules in war” on narkrigenraser.no. The AR game challenges students to make ethical and military-strategic choices based on the international law of war – or rules in war. The material consists of:

  • A separate app that provides knowledge through animations, simulations, and adapted texts
  • A game board that facilitates good group discussions
  • Teacher’s guide with tips and background knowledge
  • Game pieces that help control the progress of the learning session

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