How do you recast a leading global solar energy provider as a renewable energy company with the same brand name? That was the task we in Design Container were challenged with.

2020 was a monumental year for Scatec, formerly known as Scatec Solar. During the pandemic, the company broadened its strategy and, by acquiring SN Power, undertook its greatest expansion since its formation. This means that Scatec will no longer work exclusively with solar power, but also with other energy sources, such as wind and hydro, as well as offer power storage and become an integrator of high-value infrastructure solutions.

The expansion required developing a new name and identity, a total rebranding of the company and updating all communication channels.

Scatec Solar
Innovative digital solutions and website, designed for a global player creating sustainable energy sources.

Being a publicly traded company, precise and timely communication was key. Within a timeframe of six months, critical decisions about retaining the company’s name, colours and other elements needed to be made. The name Scatec is widely known in the industry as a reliable provider of solar energy and as an excellent place to work. It enjoys huge brand recognition in the industry as well as an outstanding reputation. We wanted to retain all these aspects while charting a totally new direction for a renewable energy company working with solar, water and hydro energy sources. The new identity showcases a bold changemaker and a frontrunner in the renewable energy sector.

The visual identity and concept take inspiration from the natural elements as a power source. Energy/power is everywhere and is always in motion. We wanted the identity to work alongside and illustrate the natural flow of energy. Design elements represent the movement of power/energy in nature. We developed a set of design elements for the logo itself that morph into symbols for solar, wind and hydro. The elements mutate into patterns that reflect the intensity of natural energy in its speed and motion.

Scatec has an important digital presence – which is why we chose vibrant colours that feel energetic, work well on the web and dare to stand out from the crowd. We also wanted to distance the brand from its usual corporate counterparts by using a warm colour palette that is both positive and optimistic. The colours work with the graphic elements to create a distinct positioning in the marketplace and make Scatec recognisable in any context.

Powered by the elements, Scatec is a brand that is not afraid to show that it is on the move. The Scatec logo itself is clean, solid and energised – with the top curve of the capital S broken up into the small sections that are used throughout the brand’s static and animated design elements.

Scatec is a global leading renewable power producer, delivering affordable and clean energy worldwide. As a long-term player, Scatec develops, builds, owns and operates solar, wind and hydro power plants and storage solutions. Scatec is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘SCATC’.

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