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Accelerate by Design 

Design can be used to solve business challenges – and our international team works to build impactful brands and uses strategic design to develop engaging digital solutions. Our models for start-ups provide funding, expertise and access to our design and technology teams.

We were a start-up once ourselves and have gone through many of the stages that start-ups face, and we have also gained hands-on experience from building up real businesses. We have developed a designated design sprint aimed specifically at early-stage start-ups as well as methods for establishing communication and brand strategies.

Our main focus is on tech start-ups targeting the Nordic or global market in the B2B sector. We use design as a tool to achieve commercial goals. Our experience with clients ranges from multinational groups to small early-stage businesses, and we apply the wide-ranging experience we have gained from our corporate clients in the start-up world.

Our key skills include building strong brands, defining communication strategies and developing inspiring digital solutions and products.

Here’s a list of some of our start-up friends:

Please get in touch if you want find out more about how we can help you with your website, visual branding and marketing.

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