TID: Ruter’s new typeface

In the design of the new Ruter typeface, called TID (Norwegian for ‘time’), readability and ease of use were key considerations. Ruter presents information to passengers in many different media – from print to digital screens, apps and webpages. The information is displayed in different sizes and quantities – from short, large text on wayfinding to small numbers in timetables. Ruter also wanted a rounder and friendlier feel to their typeface to align it with their brand strategy.

Ruter is a joint management company for public transport in Oslo and Akershus and are currently handling more than half of all public transport in Norway. Oslo and Akershus is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in Europe – and its population is expected to grow by as many as 250,000 people over the next 15 years. In 2018 alone, 387 million journeys were completed on public transport in the area of Oslo and Akershus.

Together with Ruter we developed a new typeface, to unite Ruter’s visual voice.




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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz

The five boxing wizards jump quickly

Jinxed wizards pluck ivy from the big quilt.

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