Design Containers Christmas present goes to A Drop in the Ocean!

We have donated projects worth about NOK 400.000 to several organisations this year. A Drop in the Ocean (Dråpen i Havet) is among them, which we have supported for many years. We encourage you also to support this non-profit organisation this year.

Christmas is coming, and while we are vaccinated, have a roof over our heads, and have all the love in the world to get us through this cold winter, many children and families are still suffering from the pandemic. 

We have worked with several non-profit organisations by donating web solutions, projects and e-learning platforms. This year we have several goodwill projects that we are genuinely proud of. Human Rights of Angola, A Drop in the Ocean, Red Cross and Nansen Fredssenter is some of the projects we have launched in 2021.

“Dråpen i Havet handles between 2,000 voluntary assignments annually, and during the pandemic, between 600-1000 volunteers. Each volunteer stays for a minimum of four weeks in the field, and a large number of resources are spent on recruiting, preparing and managing the volunteers. We wanted to help automate this process. Therefore, in the winter of 2019, we digitised their volunteer training program. The new system was launched in the summer of 2019. We hope that this has given Dråpen i Havet more time to concentrate on the important work of supporting refugees. We are deeply impressed by the commitment and effects of the work Dråpen i Havet performs,” says Linn-Cecilie Linnemann, CEO of Design Container.

“For many of our volunteers, the assignment with us is sometimes their first experience in the field”, says Trude Jacobsen, founder and secretary-general in A Drop in the Ocean. “When sending people out to work on humanitarian projects, it is important to make sure that they have a good understanding of the situation, the people, the location they are going to and the work they are going to do. This training developed in cooperation with Design Container helps us prepare our volunteers.”

Do you want to give a meaningful Christmas gift to someone this year? Then we encourage you to support A Drop in the Ocean so they can continue to help displaced persons fleeing from countries that have been through misery. 

Want to learn more about what A Drop in the Ocean does?

About a Drop in the Ocean:
A Drop in the Ocean is a humanitarian non-profit organisation aiming to provide support to people forced to flee and give information on the situation of displaced persons.

They are currently present at four locations in Greece and two locations in Bosnia Herzegovina, where they work inside and outside the refugee camps. The organisation was established in 2015, and since then, they have contributed with distributions of food, clothing and other necessary items. We also arrange different recreational- and learning activities to give displaced persons a sense of normality in an otherwise challenging situation and everyday life.

Approximately 8,000 volunteer field workers and coordinators from around the world have assisted in our work. The organisation does not receive any public funding but does have several private contributors and agreements with some companies and business actors.

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