COME ON! Tidy up a LITTLE BIT before I get there!

Are you the sociable type? Someone who likes to strike up a conversation in a fun crowd? Someone who likes inviting people over for dinner or a party? As often as possible?

Do you tidy up a bit before your guests arrive or not? If it’s an important occasion, maybe you buy something special to eat? Or a new vase, flowers, decorations? Perhaps you finally put up that shelf that has been on your to-do list for ages?

So why don’t you do the same thing when people visit your website?

Being given a ‘grand tour’ of someone’s house or apartment the first time you visit is not unusual. Especially if you know your host well. Your host will show you the children’s bedrooms (which are allowed to be a bit messy), the bathroom, living room and kitchen. Maybe even a conservatory, office, gym or garden.

I’m not saying that you need do a full renovation of your property before you invite people over. After all, this can be time-consuming and expensive and requires a certain level of expertise. Your home doesn’t need to look like a luxury hotel renovation budget has just been spent on it. And neither do you need the most expensive artworks on your walls.

What would happen if you invited someone over and the floor was so dirty that their shoes stuck to the floorboards? Or the living room looked like a basement storage area, with boxes and rubbish from floor to ceiling? Or if it took three minutes from when you turned on the light until your guest was able to see anything?

How pleasant do you think it would be to have dinner at your place?

So you agree that your place should look at least SLIGHTLY presentable? Or maybe some of you simply don’t care about how things look.

During the course of a day, more people visit your digital channels than your office. So why don’t you make sure that it’s easy to find and easy to navigate? That your website is fast, responsive and represents your brand in all its aspects? That your message reaches its target audience and has effective calls-to-action in place?

Start with the easy bits
• Communicate the right message
• Remove outdated information
• Clean up incomplete pages and articles
• Remove broken links
• Compress images and video
• Ensure that messages and images match
• Include important keywords
• Analyses statistics. What pages attract the most traffic?
• Apply measurable KPIs

It might sound like I’m obsessed with being tidy. I’m definitely not, but I make sure that I show my best side when meeting others. Whether it’s at work or at home or when I’m visiting someone.

After several years working in sales in the design and communication industry, I know that businesses that use websites actively carve out a clearer position for themselves in the marketplace. Even if they focus their sales in other channels, their brand is verifiable on their webpages and digital communication interfaces.

Your website is also your office. Your business. Your brand. Your responsibility.

Clean it up a bit!

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