Employer branding: How to attract the most talented employees?

We live in a time of unstable job markets. Many people are looking for new opportunities, and businesses always want to recruit the best candidates. Employees come and go, but how do companies attract and retain the most talented employees?

What is employer branding?

In short, employer branding is a way for businesses to market themselves as employers. The aim is to attract and retain the best employees possible.

For employer branding to be successful, commitment and a long-term strategy are vital. If this is in place, the actions will have a more significant effect, and the brand will be built over time in potential employees’ minds, as well as it will help you outgrow your brand awareness and a positive left impression.

The Employee Value Proposition

Let us start with what we call the EVP or Employee Value Proposition. The EVP is – as the name suggests – a promise a business makes to attract new employees. The EVP is at the heart of the employer branding strategy and the way we build our position in the market. For the EVP to work, a few requirements have to be met. First and foremost, the promise has to be relevant to potential employees. If it is not relevant, it will not have any effect. You want your business to stand out from your competitors and position yourself as something distinctive. That is why your EVP should be unique to your business and identify something special about the company work culture.

The EVP has to be:

  • Relevant – by meaning something to candidates
  • Credible – by indicating that your business is trustworthy
  • Unique – by making you stand out from the crowd
  • Honest – by ensuring that you keep what you promise
  • Aspirational – by showing that you have something to strive for

There are usually three essential factors that play a role when candidates are looking for a job. These are the vision of the business, its reputation and the salary on offer. Employer branding is all about how we want to be perceived to win the war of talents.

Why use employer branding?

Employer branding offers many benefits. Above all, your business will be able to attract the best candidates, those that best fit into your organisation. Applicants see the values and ideals of your business and think about whether these are something with which they can align. Maybe these values and standards match a cause close to their heart. As a result, candidates will apply to the business they identify with the most. This means that there is a high likelihood that your business will see itself mirrored in the job applicants it attracts.

Employer branding does not stop once you have recruited new talent. However, looking after existing employees is equally important. Work culture forms a significant part of employer branding. It may be one of the most critical factors in retaining good employees – this ensures that new employees in your business join the culture you have promised them.

Employer branding is also an effective way of saving on recruitment costs. The process itself becomes streamlined, as the branding works as a filter. Only the most suitable candidates apply. The branding filters out those who do not have the same values and approaches that you have. This works in the same way as when customers choose a brand in a given product category, although the products from competitive brands are similar. It is the brand in itself that is different.


  • Brand awareness and reputation
  • Reaching the best applicants and retaining your employees
  • Becoming known as an attractive employer
  • Ensuring an enhanced customer experience
  • Saving time and expense

Implementation and campaigns 

So now you have your strategy and EVP in place, your goals are set, and your company is ready to roll out in the market as an attractive employer. You now also have host of options that are rooted in your strategy, e.g. including an effective careers page on your website, creating marketing and recruitment campaigns to showcase your own employer success stories, scheduling internal onboarding events, both digital and in-person events, and more. Finally, having successfully rolled out your employer branding strategy, your business will have built up a strong team with a large pool of talent.

How can we help your business?

We want to know your business and help you with your employer branding.

We can help you with:

  • Strategy and Employer Value Proposition
  • Career pages
  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Content production

As well as everything else that makes you stand out from your competitors.

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