From Schibsted to Design Container

Ravn Heggerud is joining Design Container from Schibsted where he worked in a variety of roles for more than seven years. Heggerud will be working as a senior web developer for Design Container’s many Nordic and international clients.  

“Design Container seemed like a perfect match in every way. Design Container has an exciting client portfolio and the right approach to working across disciplines so I feel a little bit like a child in a candyshop,” says Heggerud.

Over the past 20 years, he has worked at, Tele2, IXD, Aftenposten and, most recently, Schibsted Norge SMB.

“I quickly found that I preferred working with software rather than hardware – and since the web became extremely important for many companies relatively recently, working as a consultant was a natural starting point for me,” explains Heggerud about the way in which his career got off the ground.

“Ravn Heggerud has solid expertise in his chosen field and is both solution-orientated and genuinely concerned about tackling problems and challenges. We are very pleased about this appointment, and Ravn has already become an integral part of our team. As well as bringing his technical skills to the table, he also shares many of our values and has a high level of integrity. This was one of the reasons that we chose him. Delivering solutions that are among the best in the business is important to us – and we are completely dependent on having a strong team. We want to welcome Ravn and look forward to seeing him contribute his wide-ranging expertise in several important areas,” says Linn-Cecilie Linnemann, CEO of Design Container.

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