GlobalConnect growing in the Nordics

GlobalConnect has marketing divisions in five countries as well as local market positions and requirements. Coordinating all GlobalConnect’s digital channels and web solutions into a single global site to cater for marketing in all the various segments was an exciting challenge.

After the merger a new and updated brand identity and platform was launched in September 2020, and more countries were incorporated into the digital platform built by Design Container – whilst redesigning the current web pages, all at the same time.

“We set high ambitions early on with both our new brand and visual identity – but also all the channels where our customers interact with us. Securing a cohesive, easy and pleasant experience, especially in the web environment was critical to us. Design Container has been paramount to our success in launching not only a new brand, but launching several new international web pages and content, all whilst removing complexity – without sacrificing functionality. ”- Sebastian Stecki, Group Head of Brand Strategy & Marketing Excellence.

Throughout the process, we worked in close consultation with the both the local and central marketing divisions and coordinated their requirements into the shared solution. Technical project management and a joint strategy have been an important part of our services – in addition to the digital platform and the web solutions for the group as a whole.

A single northern European brand

GlobalConnect was established as a Northern European brand in 2018 when EQT acquired the Norwegian Broadnet and the Danish GlobalConnect and merged the two. Design Container was chosen as the right digital agency for the job and was given responsibility for the company’s web solutions. During 2020, IP-Only Enterprise in Sweden merged with GlobalConnect.

With this merger, GlobalConnect represents a Nordic group whose aim is to become the leading provider of digital infrastructure in Northern Europe.

GlobalConnect has more than 1,700 employees in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Finland and revenue of more than EUR 500 million a year.

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