Heimdall Power expanding into Europe with the help of Design Container

Design Container recently launched Heimdall Power Academy, an online onboarding platform for Heimdall Power.

The platform aims to build and streamline company culture across national borders, provide induction courses and make it easier for new employees to get off to a good start in their job. This project is the first step in a broader digital strategy that forms part of an employer branding project to raise the profile of the Heimdall brand in Europe.

Design Container creates and delivers brands and identities, web solutions, apps, and communication strategies for international customers in the technology, industry, finance sectors, and startups. Design Container designed the Heimdall Power Academy and is delighted that the result has met both corporate and employee success criteria.

“We are rapidly increasing our recruitment at the moment and wanted a fast and efficient onboarding process. It is important to build culture, teams and productivity. Our Heimdall Academy introductory course includes key presentations and articles – and it has worked excellently!” says Brage W. Johansen, CEO and co-founder of Heimdall Power.

The demand for renewable energy and technology continues to grow. Norway possesses enormous expertise in these areas and has long been at the forefront of energy-producing technologies. Even though hydropower is the dominant power source in Norway, businesses are pioneering renewable energy technologies in other areas, including solar power, floating offshore wind and energy storage.

About Heimdall Power:
Heimdall Power is a young Norwegian technology company. They provide the tools and insight needed to maintain grid operations effectively with proven technology and offer rapid transition to entirely digitised electricity grid assets. Technology from Heimdall increases the grid’s capacity by an average of 30%.

Heimdall Power currently has offices in Stavanger and Oslo. The company was launched in 2016, and by 2021 have landed fourteen commercial sales and installation contracts in 9 European countries. In 2021, Heimdall Power raised NOK 150 million in a share issue to expand further in Europe, and Design Container continues to be part of this journey.

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