New direction for Wallenius Wilhelmsen

The 156-year-old Wilhelmsen brand is taking a new direction. In April 2017, the company merged with the Swedish-owned Wallenius.

Design Container was brought in to develop a fresh brand strategy and visual identity – in close cooperation with the global management team of the merged company. The project included facilitating at global workshops to reach agreement on a shared platform and set of corporate values as well as preparing a new brand strategy which has resulted in a redesigned logo and an innovative approach to the company’s brand profile.

Christian Rene and Jessamine Jones have undertaken the main brand profiling work. The new logo is a contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional W. The circle references the shape of the globe, the degree symbol used in navigation and the life cycle.

“Throughout the project, it has been important to us to align the new brand identity with the Wallenius Wilhelmsen strategy (Defining logistics for a world in motion). We have taken inspiration from the encounter between sea, land and the client’s life cycle theme, something that is reflected in the brand identity in the circle in the logo and the graphic ‘pillar and anchor’ element,” explain Christian and Jessamine.

“Bringing together different corporate cultures with different starting points towards a shared aim and message is demanding. This is happening at a time when the company is undergoing great change. This is true not only for WW, but for the industry worldwide. It’s been an exciting year and, of course, when you’re working so closely with a client, you get to know them well. I’m impressed with the enormous innovation WW always supports and how the company has changed and rethought things over the years. With its positive approach to change and strong will to implement those changes, I’m sure that the company will be one of the leading global logistics operators for a long time to come and will help to redefine the industry!” says Kjersti Olsen, consultant at Design Container.

“Over the past year, both we ourselves and our clients have become more international. Most of our clients compete in a Nordic or global marketplace.  We base ourselves out of Norway and are also looking at opportunities for expanding within Scandinavia,” says Managing Director Linn-Cecilie Linnemann.

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Wallenius Wilhelmsen

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