Oslo Airport gets long-awaited extension

In March, Design Container won a tender for the design and development of e-learning training programmes for Avinor. In June 2018, Oslo Airport will be opening its new extension that will see passenger capacity double and, by that time, all staff must have completed the training programme that was launched in April.

A new basic training programme will also be put in place for all ground staff at Oslo Airport.

After a month of intensive effort, we have delivered the first part of the training programme. Thanks to close cooperation with technical staff and product managers at Avinor, we were able to complete work on the programme in such a short space of time. Øystein Ramseng acted as educational consultant on content and, in partnership with the training manager at Avinor, we produced a training programme with which everyone is very satisfied and which has had excellent feedback from test users.

Through researching the core group of users, we found that a majority do not have access to a PC. With that insight in mind we proceeded to work to create a programme that will work seamlessly on any device. Additionally, aiming to build a user-friendly programme was a key factor in every decision throughout the process.

“Seeing this side of an airport and experiencing the way in which all the various parts of operations make up a whole has been incredibly exciting. We will also be working on a training programme for air bridges and the whole of airside itself. We are looking forward to the remaining part of the project and continuing our great partnership with Avinor,” said Haakon Rølmann from Design Container.

“Avinor chose Design Container to produce its training programme for Oslo Airport based on the quality, flexibility and delivery capacity. Design Container was selected in competition with many other bidders. The first training course was delivered on time and made available on all platforms. The course has had outstanding user feedback,” says Ramin Darisiro, HR-strategic learning technology and human resource development advisor at Avinor.

Read more about learning and onboarding here. 

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