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Funding – Strategy – Design and development

Strategic design can be used to solve business challenges and achieve commercial goals. Our models for start-ups provide funding, expertise, and access to our design and technology teams. In addition, we have developed a designated design sprint explicitly aimed at early-stage start-ups and methods for efficiently establishing communication and brand strategies. With international clients in renewable energy, technology, finance and industry, our team has a long track record of solving immense challenges in a global context. 

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What can we help you with? 

Your brand should help you achieve the position you aim for and support your long-term goals. Precise communication with your target audience is vital when launching a new product or company. Visibility and presence are key factors to stay top of mind. Our online solutions are tailored to meet your business and communication needs.

  1. Identity and positioning
  2. Go to market strategy and communication
  3. Web solutions and digital presence
  4. Digital marketing and lead generation
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Meet our startups


IT & technology 

  • Sensibel is a Norwegian deep-tech company developing the next generation MEMS microphone. We provided strategy workshops, new identity, web solutions and lead generating campaigns.
  • Lexolve provides automated legal services. We helped them create a new identity, position and logo.
  • Lendonomy is a blockchain-based fintech platform allowing peer to peer lending. We helped with business strategy and position to help users refine the loan based on their needs.
  • Zegeba, a SAAS company, allows time-saving and effective collaboration. We created a new identity and logo and developed user-friendly and up-to-date web solutions in addition to a communication strategy. 
  • Iconfirm serves organisations that take privacy seriously. They provide great GDPR compliant software by offering an independent collaboration hub for practical privacy.
  • Learnlink is a Norwegian e-learning company started in 2016 by students who saw a need for new ways of learning.
  • Frid is a fintech company helping consumers with their economy. We developed their brand and identity and took a strong position in their designated market.

Energy & industry

  • Heimdall Power increases the grid’s capacity by an average of 30% with their technology. In addition, we assisted their international ambitions by developing the Heimdall Academy.
  • Aquacon, which solves seafood availability for future generations, we have designed and developed a new web and helped with their overall communication strategy and ESG.
  • Reykjavik Geothermal develop geothermal resources for utility-scale power production. Our task was to help create an equity story, investor presentations and communication with the investor community.
  • Elementum Energy develops, owns and operates large-scale renewable energy projects across Europe. We developed their brand, values, vision and identity, and digital solutions.
  • Ocean Oasis desalinates seawater with the help of wave power. In addition, we have helped with communication, strategy and web solution.


  • Pennesi Wines is a Norwegian Italian wine producer. We completely redesigned their product line, including a new name and a new identity capable of targeting their market more efficiently.
  • Northern Playground helps you reduce your consumption of clothes, and we helped with a new web solution.

Ocean Oasis: The future of seawater desalination

“We wanted a clear communication of our strategy as a part of our new design and web solutions, which they succeeded in delivering. As we have deep expertise, it’s essential that the messaging aligns with our new profile. We were looking for a partner that would understand both our business and also be able to help us with our long-term needs. We found this in Design Container. With their industry knowledge and understanding of start-ups, we together achieved the wanted results for the project”, says Kristine B. Fredriksen, CEO of Ocean Oasis.

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Our agency works with several investor communities, and we understand what they are looking for

Our agency works with all the aspects of building a company, investing in a startup, and scaling businesses.  We work closely with several startups and investors; we have gained vital insight into the startup ecosystem. Our clients include Ferd, AGB Sundal Collier, Katapult, Start-up Lab and North Venture. 

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