Two of three top awards go to Design Container in prestigious digital competition

The winners of the Farmand Awards, Norway’s most prestigious awards for annual reports, were recently announced. Design Container won two of three top awards for Ruter (silver) and the Norwegian Pension Insurance for Seamen (bronze) and was nominated for three of the five awards on offer in the Digital category. In addition, Norfund’s first digital annual report, which Design Container also designed, was nominated in the same category. Design Container also gained a nomination in the Best Idea and Design category for the agency’s solution for Space Norway.

“Designing digital solutions that need to address so many different user journeys and requirements as well as to communicate large volumes of information in a small space demands a great deal from a team. The team has to understand and master strategy, communication, navigation, design, and digital solutions. Here Design Container really comes into its own by being able to showcase the breadth of its skillset. It is great to see that the jury has recognized the solutions we work on with our clients,” says Linn-Cecilie Linnemann, CEO of Design Container.

Ruter has won an award three years in a row.
Ruter went 100% digital with its annual report for the first time in 2018/2019 – and Design Container has been designing the company’s digital annual reports ever since. Winning an award for the third time in a row shows that Design Container consistently delivers high-quality solutions in what many call NM in annual reports and digital solutions. The annual report for 2018 won bronze, the report for 2019 went all the way and won gold, while the report for 2020 won silver.

“What can I say other than that having a complete awards collection is fantastic? Many in Ruter put a great deal of work into the report itself. This is teamwork of the highest order. Knut-Martin Løken, our content director, has in recent years carefully incorporated clear writing advice. This has meant that the texts from various contributors work well with our figures, visual look, and structure so that the target group is easily able to find the information they need,” says Eirik Andersen, communications director at Ruter.

“Winning silver inspires us when we start designing the annual report this week for one of the oddest and most challenging years in our history. We have had to ask people not to travel with us while now everything is about getting customers back on public transport,” concludes Andersen.

Ruter is a critical public sector operator and accounts for more than half of all journeys made by public transport in Norway. The company is also ground-breaking when it comes to testing new and sustainable mobility solutions. Therefore, its annual report plays a crucial role in showcasing the year’s events, its vision, and the challenges it faces in the future. Last but not least, the annual report sets out the lessons learned and provides an opportunity to thank customers, shareholders, and employees for their fantastic efforts throughout the year.

“The digital format opens up a wealth of new opportunities, and we have used interactive diagrams, videos, simple navigation, and organization to build up exciting articles using a varied modular library. Digital annual reports are a golden opportunity to tell a good story through excellent design, content communication, and interactive elements.

During the pandemic, public transport in Oslo and Viken have experienced big ups and downs. The annual report has been an essential tool for communicating this. By using digital tools and interactivity, the material is made more engaging and more accessible to readers. Annual reports are also often very time-critical so that planning for a more streamlined process for everyone involved is vital,” says Kaia Gulsvik, project director at Design Container and project manager on the Ruter annual report.

Bronze for the Norwegian Pension Insurance for Seamen
The Norwegian Pension Insurance for Seamen annual report needed a layout that could explain new legislative changes that significantly impact the pension scheme members. The annual report has been key to communication work involving both politicians and members.

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About the Farmand Awards
The Farmand Awards are Norway’s most prestigious awards for annual reports and have been awarded every year since they were established in 1955. In addition, the Farmand Award for Best Website was set up initially in 2006 and has been awarded every year since.

About Design Container
Design Container is a design and communication agency working with communication, identity, positioning, and digital solutions, visibility, and digital marketing. Design Container is part of the Artisti Group, and our services include all aspects of communication – from strategy, marketing, and product development to sales and CRM. We have offices in Oslo, Kristiansand, and Malmoe and have a total turnover of approx. NOK 300 million. The Artisti Group employs more than 130 dedicated specialists.

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