Design Container is welcoming three new interns this fall

This autumn we are welcoming three interns from the BI Norwegian Business School Internship Programme

“In tandem with our client work, we believe in contributing to raising the profile of design and communication among young people. Giving new talents a chance has been important to us for many years, and we are really happy to have three new interns this fall,” says Kaia Gulsvik, COO at Design Container.

In addition to internships, we have apprenticeships for developers, junior designer programs, and we are actively contributing to other schools and institutions, such as Young Entrepreneurship (Ungt Enreprenørskap) and Kristiania University College. Many of our clients operate internationally in different sectors – mainly technology, finance, and renewable energy. We, therefore, believe in having a diverse team that varies in age, gender, and from different parts of the world.

Kirsten Skomsvoll is joining us as one of our marketing interns this autumn and will be working mainly on content production and our social media platforms. She is studying Digital Communication and Marketing, where she has just started in the third year of her bachelor’s degree. Kirsten also has experience in programmatic marketing from her job at GroupM Norway, where she currently works as a programmatic buyer.

“I chose to apply to Design Container for my BI internship because I wanted to learn and challenge myself and get a better grip on marketing – and Design Container seemed like the perfect place for this. I also wanted to put my knowledge from my bachelor course to the test and figure out my skillset and where I wanted to take my career,” says Skomsvoll.

Tone Lia is a sales intern who will also be joining us this autumn. She will mainly be working in sales. She recently started in the third year of her Business Administration course, and she also works as a customer success manager at start-up power company Motkraft, where she has gained a great deal of customer service experience.

“I wanted to do my BI internship at Design Container because I was looking for sales experience in B2B and for hands-on experience in the field, where I get to be a part of the sales process from start to finish,” Lia says.

Elida Bernhoff Haugen is our other marketing intern this autumn. She is in her third year of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Elida has gained experience in marketing and communication from different student committees.

“I applied for an internship at Design Container because I believed this would be the perfect place to evolve as a marketing consultant. This agency seemed like the ideal place to be challenged, gain experience, and learn a lot,” says Haugen.

The BI Internship Programme is an elective course that bachelor’s students at BI can apply for in their fifth semester. This internship gives students a unique opportunity to gather experience, make new contacts and gain knowledge and skills in their professional field. The students who want an internship are required to demonstrate a high level of interest and manage to land an internship all by themselves. This requires hard work and courage and acquiring CV and application process skills.

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