What have Design Container learned from 2021?

What a year it has been! We are so excited to enter 2022 with all the amazing stuff we have learned this year. New systems, people and clients alongside good health and a healthy work situation makes (almost) anything possible. Here’s what our team has learned in 2021, and some are bringing into the new year!


1: “I spent some time in 2021 learning more JavaScript frameworks, for example: React and Vue. I will most definitely need this in 2022 as we use more and more front-end JavaScript frameworks.”
– Tor Bratsberg, Developer

2: “Despite a productive year, we see more clearly than ever, how important socialising at work is. Physical workshops and customer contact is underrated. We are also seeing a tremendous demand for digital designers. Not just in agencies, but across many industries. This s as a positive signal, as it shows that more companies and industries see the value this generates.”
– Michael Linnemann, Creative Director

3: “For one, constant technological development enables us to cater to our client’s needs more efficiently than ever. Being part of a team that works at the intersection of business development, design and communication, I spend my days learning more and more about our customers’ business areas and specific challenges.”
– Bjørn Korterud, Head of Sales

4: “I have learned that the Design Container team is very flexible, both from home and in the offices.”
– Filip Gran, Graphic Designer

5: “As I started my new role in Design Container this fall, I have learned so much from working with several exciting projects, new systems, and new challenges daily by learning great stuff from each individual. I am very thankful for working with such a talented team and having great clients to collaborate with daily! And last but not least, I have learnt how crucial it is to have a good website, marketing presence and fantastic design with the proper messaging.”
– Aliaa Noelle Hamza, Content Producer

6: “I have learned so many things through 2021, both on a professional level and a personal level. One of the takeaways is the profound understanding that people need people and new experiences to get a broader understanding of other people’s choices and ways of living. After several lockdowns and other covid measures, we become mentally more fragile and isolated. But, on the positive side, we are also getting more independent and having truly moved away from a working culture that values face time in the office.”
– Linn-Cecilie Linnemann, CEO

7: “DevOps has been a crucial part of our tech team’s work throughout the pandemic. With the use of GitHub Actions, we have automated much of our manual “boring” tasks. This is done by only writing simple Node.js scripts, and since it’s all written in JavaScript, it makes it easy for the rest of our engineers to understand and build upon these tools. We can also work with our clients and partners remotely and in a more agile and efficient manner.”
– Rostislav Melkumyan, Web Developer

8: “My lesson in selling in DC is that relationships and chemistry mean even more than before. So what I bring with me into 2022 is to have short presentations in meetings. Instead, send an attachment by e-mail afterwards. Focus on authentic dialogues and seeing each other face to face is my message to everyone – then you will be remembered.”
– Patrick Berger, Client Manager

9: “I have learned in 2021 that you get time for almost everything you want to achieve by creating routines for everything. It has gone so far that I now have a routine of creating new routines. However, it may have gone too far this year, so in 2022 I will try to be more flexible.”
– Petter Gulliksen, Internship in Marketing

10: “To have more fun at work, it is vital to dare yourself and your customers to think of new ways and try new solutions. I live by the phrase: “Den som intent våger, intet vinner”, which mean “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
– Gabrielle Stensrud, Designer

11: “I have spent 2021 primarily working and studying. Travel restrictions and limited social contact in periods have allowed me to focus all my attention on improving the day-to-day job tasks, as well as gaining new sustainability knowledge that is highly requested from our customers. As a result, I have not met as many customers physically as I would like to have, but I have worked closely with both new, existing, and returning customers, which has been exciting and fun!”
– Malin Elida Skeie, Project Manager

12: “I have learnt that adaptability and flexibility are essential in all aspects of both work and personal life. Moreover, this current situation allows new ways of thinking and other solutions that were not reflected on before.”
– Christian René, Art Director

13: “In 2021, I learned and practised a better software development process because of remote working, exercised good communication and also tried writing more optimised code. I am looking forward to working more on standardisation and software architecture in 2022.”
– Imrul Hasan, Senior Web Developer

14: “From a professional point of view, I have dived deeper into several strategic processes and learned how important it is that these processes are anchored inside both teams and organisations.
There have been challenges and opportunities for remote leadership through a pandemic. I have seen the importance of flexibility in our team and workflow and how flexible we have been in supporting our clients’ needs. I so am proud of our team effort and the deliverances to our clients through 2021.”
– Kaia Gulsvik, Project Director

15: “I have learned a lot by working in a dedicated team and collaborating with others. I am more efficient and flexible. My software skills improve every day, and I feel more confident than before. I am thrilled with my learning process this year and looking forward to a productive 2022.”
– Gustav Bøgeberg, Designer

16: “I have learned the importance of communication, especially in a pandemic and with remote working. These times have also sparked again my love of animation, typography and learning, which I will definitely bring into 2022.”
– Alicia Harris, Senior Web Developer

Design Container has also learned that Elise, Dariusz and Effie are on Christmas holidays and that we can’t interrupt them while being offline and away from screens.
We wish all of our clients, friends and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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