Wins NVE tender to design digital exhibition

The NVE (the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) is launching an all-digital exhibition to showcase the history of the Alta Hydroelectric Power Station from multiple perspectives and to highlight the NVE’s role in the project. A working group has been appointed to review archive material and curate the NVE exhibition. For many, the story of the Alta Power Station symbolised a paradigm shift in Norway where protection of the environment and nature was pushed to the top of the agenda and became one of Norway’s biggest key issues of its time.

“It is 30 years since the Alta Power Station and its characteristic dam was completed. The controversy about whether the Alta River was to be left alone or a power plant was to be built came to a head in about 1980. The enormous media coverage meant that ‘everyone’ had an opinion on the matter. We want this exhibition to reflect the huge commitment and how much was at stake for those involved – from protestors to bureaucrats and politicians in the Norwegian Parliament. Our aim is to provide new perspectives and insight into NVE’s role in the controversy. We are delighted that we have chosen Design Container to be our partner. Their wide-ranging expertise and approach is crucial to us in our attempt to use the many opportunities offered by digital media to create a new chapter in the story of the Alta Hydroelectric Power Station,” says Project Manager Sidsel Hindal.

“This is an exciting subject to work on. A great deal has been said about the Alta case and it is incredibly interesting to see how we will be able to use digital platforms to bring the message and history to life in a new way as well as to show how applicable this is to our own era. We thank NVE for their confidence in us and look forward to diving into the whole story,” says Managing Director Linn-Cecilie Linnemann.

NVE is responsible for managing Norway’s water resources and energy supply and for maintaining the national power supply as well as enhancing Norway’s ability to manage the risk of damage associated with landslides and flooding. The NVE is also responsible for preserving and communicating the history of Norway’s watercourses and energy supply.

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