Are you a start-up? Here’s how we can help your business.

1. Identity and positioning

Stand out or blend in? Your desired market position and brand are closely linked together. Your brand should help you achieve the position you aim for and support your long-term goals. Sometimes a refresh of your identity is enough, other times a total rebranding is necessary.

To make this crucial step viable to start-ups short on time, we have packaged some core deliveries:

  • Positioning workshop with executive summary
  • Design sprint for logo & identity 
  • Mini design manual
  • Commercial aspect?
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2. Go-to-market strategy & communication

Precise communication with your target audience is vital when launching a new product or company. Design Container can help your start-up find its voice, through high-level strategies as well as tailored messaging. These messages are targeted or made with a specific audience in mind and help align communication goals with business goals. Get the communication strategy working for you and be ready to address your markets:

  • Strategy sessions with senior partners
  • Target groups and market
  • Communication strategy and key messages
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3. Web solutions and digital presence

Visibility and presence are key factors to stay top of mind. Our online solutions are tailored to meet your business and communication needs. As well as designing and developing web solutions, we work continuously with optimizing content, keeping it up to date and SEO-optimized.

  • Website strategy, design and development
  • Lead generation
  • Sitemap and content strategy
  • SEO strategy and review of all digital channels
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4. Digital Marketing and lead generation

Need for a marketing expert or an SEO specialist? First, let’s get your messaging out there by creating engaging ads, boosting your website traffic, and being consistent in everything published, whether you need to attract new clients, investors, or new employees.

  • SEO-optimization
  • Target groups and messaging 
  • Social Media Ads and graphics 
  • Content Marketing
  • Newsletters
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